The Program of Post Graduation in Mechanical Engineering, POSMEC, has as a mission the formation of human resources qualified in different areas of engineering that can contribute with scientific and technological development of the society, working on the productive and academic fields.


The post graduation in mechanical engineering was started on the Federal University of Santa Catarina in 1969, at first with the master’s degree level and, starting from 1981, also in a doctoral degree level. Until 2014’s December, POSMEC has graduated 361 doctors and 1233 masters in Mechanical Engineering.

The program is continually growing over the years, now counting on a teaching staff that has over 50 doctors, graduated on the best national and international institutions, distributed in 20 laboratories and acting in 6 major areas of concentration.

 Potential and Quality

Over its history, POSMEC has received support from different institutions of furtherance to research and to post graduation. Many of our labs keep accords and contracts of cooperation with the greatest research and industrial centers. This kind of partnership allows constant updating of the equipments, working as a productive technical and scientific intercourse.

At the two most recent evaluations promoted by CAPES, the program reached the concept 7, the maximum score, being among the best and most productive programs of post graduation in Mechanical Engineering of the country.