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Concentration Area

Vibration and Acoustics



Noises have been a constant concern at industrial, commercial and residential environments. Standards and ordinances have been limiting admissible noise levels in different situations, imposing the study of solutions at the source, the path or the receiver.

On the other side, the conditions of operation of rotating machines can be characterized for the pattern of vibrations emitted by them, which can be measured in one of its external surfaces, giving a diagnosis of the operating conditions without the need to stop the machine.

The characterization of attenuating materials, development of dynamic methods of vibration neutralization, identification of noises and vibration sources, study of propagation modes, are some of the interests at this area of concentration.

Research Lines

  • Dynamic characterization of viscoelastic materials
  • Modal control of vibrations and radiated sound of complex structures by viscoelastic neutralizers
  • Active control of vibrations of flexible structures
  • Vehicular noises and vibrations
  • Noise control / Hearing protectors
  • Predictive maintenance and fault detection in rotating machine vibrations
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Structural acoustics

Advisors (Teaching Staff)

Andrey Ricardo da Silva, Ph.D. (2008, McGill University – Canadá)

Arcanjo Lenzi, Ph.D. (1986, Univ. Southampton – Inglaterra)

Erasmo Felipe Vergara Miranda, Dr. Eng. (2003, UFSC – Brasil)

Júlio Apolinário Cordioli, Dr.Eng. (2006, UFSC – Brasil)

Samir Nagi Y. Gerges, Ph.D. (1974, Univ. Southampton – Inglaterra)



LARI – Laboratório de Vibroacústica Industrial
Coordenador: Prof. Samir N. Y. Gerges
Tel: +55 xx 48 – 3721-9227
E.Mail:  gerges@mbox1.ufsc.br

GTVA – Grupo de Tecnologia em Vibrações e Acústica
Coordenador: Prof. Arcanjo Lenzi
Tel: +55 xx 48 – 3234-0689
E-mail:  arcanjo.lenzi@ufsc.br