Student Agreement

The “student agreement” modality is intended for graduate students (foreign or Brazilian) from other universities accepted to carry out academic and/or research activities at UFSC for a predetermined period. ATTENTION:  In order to be able to carry out the study mission with a “student agreement”, there must be an agreement between the Universities.
To consult the list of foreign institutions affiliated with UFSC, access:
or ask the Office of International Relations – SINTER / UFSC to formalize an agreement). SOLICITATION DOCUMENTATION
– Letter from the student’s supervisor in the ORIGINAL Program (signed by the coordinator justifying the need for an internship at UFSC and listing the activities to be developed and the period of their realization.
– Program transcript at the University to which you are affiliated.
– Student acceptance letter, issued by the student’s supervisor at POSMEC, containing area of concentration, line of research, supervisor name, period, and student data.


– Valid passport, Copy of CPF (if you have one), Student visa type VITEM IV or Mercosul, health insurance with funerary repatriation clause, identification card of the country of origin or foreigner identification card (if you have one)

Student Agreement – registration form

In order to receive a transcript or statement of activities, the student must deliver at the Program’s Office the UFSC Library’s Debt Clearance Certificate.