Students taking a single course

The Single Course is a separate enrollment modality for students who are not from POSMEC and who are not enrolled at UFSC to take a single course at the university (the exception are students from the last four phases of the Engineering degree, as recommended by the POSMEC regulations in its Article 46).

The enrolled person will attend the course and, like regular students, will go through the evaluation process. The grade obtained in the course will be registered at UFSC in the CAPG system, as long as it higher than 7.0 (remembering that the student of a single course does not have an academic transcript, but a statement of the courses taken). If the enrolled person enters POSMEC as a master’s or Doctoral student in the future, s/he may request a course credit transfer, according to the current rule (the term for validation of courses is 10 years). For the course credit validation, this declaration must be signed by the student’s supervisor, when s/he becomes a regular master’s student.

Individuals with higher education degrees in the areas of Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and the like, and who are not regular master’s or doctoral students at POSMEC or at UFSC, are eligible to take single courses.

A special student will be the course’s student and cannot be considered a POSMEC or UFSC student.

There is no limit to the maximum number of single courses a special student can take. However, the number of places for a single course is limited and the place is made available by the professor of the discipline, because it is s/he who manages the number of students that will be in his/her class. However, we only have access to the number of places after processing the enrollment for regular students.

Applicants to take single courses at POSMEC:

1.STUDENTS WHO ARE ALREADY TAKING A SINGLE COURSE AT POSMEC – Enrollments in a single course will take place when the list of students authorized by the professor is forwarded at the end of the deadline for enrollment in single courses, since it is the professor who manages the number of students who can take his/her course. To apply for the course, the student must contact the professor and request his/her inclusion in the list. The student will be enrolled only when the professor submits this list, at the end of the second week of class, but the student will have to attend classes from the beginning, under penalty of failure due to poor attendance.

2.STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT TAKING A SINGLE COURSE AT POSMEC (FIRST TIME) – For students not yet enrolled in a single course at POSMEC, contact the professor of the discipline requesting your participation and ask him/her to include your name in the list of students authorized to take the single course. At the end of the registration week, the professor will forward this list to the administrative office so that we proceed with the enrollment. It is necessary to register at CAPG ( Without this registration, we cannot proceed with the enrollment. Remember to select the MASTER’S option, regardless of your situation. We remind you that it is not necessary to send any documents to POSMEC, whether physical or digital.

Even if the enrollment period is after the beginning of classes, the student must attend classes from the beginning, under penalty of failure due to poor attendance.

Note: there is no cancellation of the single course; only regularly enrolled students can cancel courses, since only they have this type of access to CAPG.