Postdoctoral Research

Postdoctoral Researcher

The request must be made to the delegate council (see council meeting), with all the documentation in a single pdf file, sent to the email There is no registration deadline since this is a continuous process.


The candidate will carry out research activities within the graduate program accompanied by a Supervisor who must be a permanent professor at POSMEC.

Postdoctoral Research Duration Term

The minimum term is 3 months, and the maximum term is 12 months, according to Regulation 36/2013.


There may be up to 4 extensions of 12 months each, at the discretion of the delegate council and subject to the opinion of a designated reporter. To request an extension, the interested party must send in a single pdf file (e-mail the activity report for the previous period, the research plan for the new term and the supervisor’s letter accepting the two documents (in accordance with the documents, signed and stamped). (Regulation 36/2013)


At the end of the postdoctoral period, the researcher must submit to the program council a detailed report on the activities s/he carried out, containing a maximum of 15 pages, evaluated and accepted by the supervisor and, in the annex, the postdoctoral intellectual production, as well as the debt clearance certificate within the UL. In case the report is approved, the program’s administrative office will forward the process to PROPG for the issuance of the certificate.

The final report must contain: 1) summary of the research activities developed; 2) Summary of the teaching/supervision activities developed; 3) summary of other activities carried out in the period (optional); list of intellectual production (articles, reports, etc.) developed during the period (include articles submitted but not yet published). It is recommended to attach to the report the first page of each publication produced during the period. The report must be sent via e-mail to the POSMEC office (with the signatures of the researcher and the supervisor).

In the tab “legislação e normas” (legislation and standards) you will find all the pertinent information for admission with the Postdoctoral Regulation (36-CUn-2013) and the check list defined by PROPG.