Disciplinas 2021.4

Edital nº 10 2021 – Call for Applications  Doctoral 2021-4

Resultado do Processo Seletivo para o Doutorado – Edital nº 2/2021

Edital nº 007 PPGEM 2021 – Seleção de Doutorado 2021-3 – inscrições até 19/07/2021 e início das aulas em 23/08/2021

Contats to the PosMec Office:

Julianappgemc@contato.ufsc.br – for Master and Pos-Master Programs, requirement of Diploma, solicitations of financial aid, course information;

Marietachefia.ppgemc@contato.ufsc.br – for Doctorate and post-doctorate programs, documents to be submitted to the Delegate Collegiate, scholarships;

Do not send messages to capg@sistemas.ufsc.br

Deadlines for the exceptional prorrogation period to the conclusion of the course

ATTENTION: Exceptional calendar 2020
(approved by the Delegate Collegiate in August 14,2020)

In complying to the Normative Instruction 21 of March 16, 2020 and to the Official Bulletin associated to the Ordonnances 352/2020/GR and 353/2020/GR (due to COVID-19). The Office service of the Program to students will be done only by e-mail, starting March 18, 2020. 

Solicitation for diploma

At this time of quarantine, the processes for issuing diplomas will be forwarded in digital form to the DIERD/DAE (responsible sector).  We remind you that the delivery of the physical copy of the diploma will only be possible when the regularization of the activities of the UFSC.  It is possible to issue and deliver the physical copy of diplomas on an emergency basis, as long as it is justified, for example, for competitive examinations or for labor purposes. Until the effective delivery, may be provided a “declaration of completion of course awaiting the issuance of diploma” which will be signed by the Programme Coordinatores. More information in the Circular Letter 20/PROPG/2020.

Step by step to digital signature in doctoral thesis and master’s dissertations:

  1. The student sends his work, already digitally signed by his supervisor, exclusively to the email secretaria.posmec@gmail.com (we recommend sending it via https://wetransfer.com/ or an equivalent system, because some files may be rejected by email, due to their size);
  2. The Programme Coordinator will digitally sign the submitted work;
  3. The secretariat will forward it via We transfer to the student.

 Access Chatbot-POSMEC to general information, doubts, orientations!

External assistance (open to the public): 2 pm to 5 pm (Monday to Friday)

Use the e-mail for contact: ppgemc@contato.ufsc.br

Application form: Application form – Master’s
Reference sheet: Reference Form – Word Version (English)

Get to know POSMEC – Institucional Video

 The mission of the Postgraduate Program in Mechanical Engineering (PosMEC) is to train qualified human resources in different areas of engineering, who can contribute to the scientific and technological development of society, working both in the productive and academic sectors.

 The Postgraduate program in mechanical engineering was established at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in 1969, initially at the master’s level and, from 1981, also at the doctoral level, having graduated, by May 2019, 457 doctors and 1531 masters in Mechanical Engineering.