E_Project of Mechanical Systems

Concentration Area

Project of Mechanical Systems



The methods and processes for the development of products in a fast way, with low cost and high quality, are the main concerns in this area of concentration.

The theoretical upgrowth serve as a basis for the improvement of several tools to support project activity, which are used on the development of various products, especially in the form of machines and implements, always keeping a strong commitment with the human resources formation and with the advancement of the scientific and technological knowledge.

Research Lines

  • Development of Methodologies for Project of Industrial Products
  • Development of computational systems to support the project
  • Development of prototypes of machines and equipments
  • Functional reliability and maintainability
  • Expert systems applied to the project
  • Design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • CAE/CAD Systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Robotics
  • Design of mechanisms and machines
  • Design of mechatronic systems

Advisors (Teaching Staff)

Acires Dias, Dr.Eng. (1996, UNICAMP – Brasil)

André Ogliari, Dr.Eng. (1999, UFSC – Brasil)

Daniel Martins, Dr.Eng. (2002, UFSC – Brasil)

Edson Roberto De Pieri, Dr. (Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie – França)

Henrique Simas, Dr.Eng. (2008, UFSC – Brasil)

Jonny Carlos da Silva, Dr.Eng. (1998, UFSC – Brasil)

Roberto Simoni, Dr.Eng. (2010, UFSC – Brasil)

Victor Juliano De Negri, Dr.Eng. (1996, UFSC – Brasil)


LASHIP – Laboratório de Sistemas Hidráulicos e Pneumáticos
Supervisor: Prof. Victor Juliano De Negri
Tel: +55 xx 48 – 3721-9396
Fax: +55 xx 48 – 3721-7615
E.mail:  victor.de.negri@ufsc.br

NEDIP – Núcleo de Desenvolvimento Integrado de Produtos
Supervisor: Prof. Jonny Carlos da Silva
Tel: +55 xx 48 – 3721-9719
Fax: +55 xx 48 – 3721-7615
E.Mail: jonny.silva@ufsc.br

LAR – Laboratório de Robótica Prof. Raul Guenther
Supervisores:    Prof. Daniel Martins (POSMEC/EMC)
Prof. Edson Roberto De Pieri (DAS)
Tel:+55 xx 48 – 3721-4010 (Daniel)
+55 xx 48 3721-7573 (Edson)
Fax: +55 xx 48 3721-7615
E.Mail: daniel.martins@ufsc.br