E_Full Time Master

Fult Time Master’s Degree


Full Time (FT) and Part Time(PT)

There are two dedication schemes for master’s degree at POSMEC: Full Time (FTD) and Part Time (PT). Master’s students in FT must maintain average weekly workload not less than forty (40) hours of exclusive dedication to the activities related to the course, either at the stage in which they will be studying the disciplines or at the development of the thesis stage.

Only students in FT regime are eligible to receive scholarships funded by POSMEC.

Entry Period and Notice (FT)

Admission in Master’s Degree in POSMEC occurs through the Selection. Two entries per year are possible:


Beginning of the Master’s Degree Application Period
March October and November of previous year
August April and May of the same year


The Announcement of Selection establishes the enrollment periods, the number of vacancies available and the necessary documents to effect the registration.

The Selection Process

Selection Committees are designated for each area of concentration. The selection of candidates is based on the documentation provided at the time of registration. Several aspects are observed, including the school record of graduation, curriculum analysis, reference letters, experience in R&D, etc. The Selection Committee determines which candidates are approved and the sort order. Due to the limited number of vacancies it is possible that queues are formed in some areas of concentration.


The scholarships available and administered by POSMEC are allocated to new students in rank order, respecting the quota approved by the Scholarships Committee for each area of concentration.

Documents Required

To formalize registration at POSMEC the candidate must follow the instructions and deadlines set out in the Notice of Selection for the Masters. The following items are required:

  1. Fill out the application form on CAPG system.
  2. Application form filled out (Application Form);
  3. School record of undergraduation;
  4. Copy of Graduation Certificate;
  5. Two photographs 3×4;
  6. Certified copy of the civil ID and CPF;
  7. Certified copy of the birth/marriage certificate;
  8. “Curriculum Vitae” of the candidate (free form or Lattes);
  9. Two reference letters (Reference Form)


The foreign students, in addition to the above documentation, must send the copy of the certificate of Graduation with the consular seal of the Brazilian Embassy in the country of origin; copy of the passport data; copy of the identity card of foreign.

The 9th item must be sent directly to POSMEC by the emitter. The other documents must be posted and sent for POSMEC’s secretariat at the address below or hand delivered.

Shipping Address

Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Mecânica/UFSC

Centro Tecnológico – UFSC – Cx.P. 476 – Bairro Trindade

88040-900 – Florianópolis – SC